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“About a month ago, I became one of Dr. Jarrett’s new patients. To me it was just another doctor’s appointment that was going to turn out being a waste of a time like the rest of them. I had constant lower back pain for about four years. I was also recently told that I had three slipped disks, L4, L5 and S1 and the only way to get rid of my back pain was to have surgery to remove two of the three disks. I was in so much pain and tired of going to doctors appointments I opted to have surgery. Me being only 19 and such a young age for major surgery, my mom said it was not a great idea and to seek a second opinion. Therefore, I went for it. I was told to do physical therapy three times a week for eight weeks. After the fifth week of it and with my back not feeling any better, I was told about Dr. Jarrett and to try his chiropractic sessions out, so I did. I figured it would not hurt. So after going to Dr. Jarrett for a month I can honestly say that he saved me from going under the knife. I immediately canceled the weeks I had left with physical therapy and I canceled with my other chiropractor. I went from having constant daily pain at a level 10 to about a six or a six and a half and I have been there since. I know that six and a half may seem high for pain for a lot of you but for me it is the best I have felt in four years.”


Alexandra A.




"I have had low back pain for approximately 25 years now. I've been to 'Chiropractic Care Centers' where they want you to come back three times a week for months and then dwindle you down slowly, where they have so many patients at one time it is very impersonal. Not so with Dr. Jarrett. He sees one patient at a time and gets to know you as a person, not a dollar sign. Dr. Jarrett has helped my pain level tremendously and explains everything he is doing. The main thing about Dr. Jarrett is that he is so truly honest and caring. Sad to say but that is a very unusual thing to find nowadays. But Dr. Jarrett is a real find. I would certainly recommend him to anyone in pain.”


Judy Costa 

ARMS Specialist

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office




“Around the same time my lower and middle back pain had become a weekly occurrence and neck pain had started greeting me every morning, I met Dr. Grunstein and asked him a few questions about it. After a knowledgeable conversation about what the possible causes could be, I began undergoing treatment. I was happy to discover that Dr. Grunstein took a personal interest in ensuring my comfort not only by physically treating the problem, but also by trying to find what could be instigating my problems ranging from how I slept to what kind of physical activities I was involved in. I’m thrilled to say my neck pain is now non-existent and back aches are rare with only mild discomfort.”


Leah T. Bryan




“I suffered from debilitating headaches for most of my life. When they were finally diagnosed accurately as myofascial headaches, I began a routine of regular massages which led to some relief. Total relief, however, was not possible until the bones of my cervical spine were released from their locked position, allowing my anatomy to return to a natural, healthy position. Dr. Grunstein’s gentle and precise manipulation of my entire spine has resulted in fluid movement of my spine, myofascial release, and relief from my pain.”


Dr. Karen Tyndall

Veterinary Medicine




“Neck and back pain have been a part of my day to day activity for several years. I have been to doctors with medication and surgery being my only options for relief. I had never been to a chiropractor but when I started experiencing leg pain related to my back issue I decided to make an appointment. On my first visit, Dr. Jarrett told me about chiropractic care and took the time to go over my x-ray. He showed me what a normal spine looked like and explained why I was feeling pain. I experienced noticeable relief starting with the first visit. Within 3 weeks I was pain free. I look forward to continuing with Dr. Jarrett and a future free of discomfort. Thanks Dr. Jarrett!"


Beck Eggers




“I had low back pain for approximately 12 years. Over the last few years, the pain had become so excruciating that I finally started getting care locally at a well-renowned spine institution in Pinellas County. After 4 years of receiving medication, physical therapy, and cortisone injections, without any significant improvement, I had heard of Clearwater Chiropractic Center. On the first visit Dr. Jarrett took the time to explain exactly what he suspected were the causes of my long term pain. Further, he gave an honest assessment of what it would take to heal my back naturally, without the use of drugs or surgery. While I’m not completely pain free today, where my pain had been consistently an 8 out of 10 for all those years, it now hovers between 2-3 and I actually can sleep the night through. I can’t thank Dr. Jarrett enough for his care and compassion along the way. I strongly recommend him to my friends and family who are needlessly suffering with back and neck pain.”


Fran Blanton




“Several months ago I became your patient to handle chronic neck pain I had experienced all of my adult life. The pain in my neck was very severe and I had such poor range of motion that I could barely turn my head. The pain was ever present, the intensity usually ranging from a seven to a ten on a scale of one to ten. I had accepted this pain as a way of life.


I had been a patient of several other chiropractors over the years, received acupuncture treatments, investigated other remedies, gotten MRIs and was told that the only way to permanently handle my pain was to have surgery, which is something I refused to do.


After receiving about four treatments, I noticed a distinct lessening of pain and a huge increase in the mobility in my neck. After continuing treatments, I now have full range of motion and the chronic pain is gone.


Thank you so much for your caring ways, your dedication to your profession and the good that you’ve done for me.”



Jane Rakestraw




“Prior to meeting Dr. Grunstein, I suffered lower back pain for 3 years after having my second child. Nothing I did seem to work, and I never considered that a Chiropractor may be able to help me; I thought the pain was muscular. After meeting Dr. Grunstein, I decided to give his treatments a try. I am now pain free, and attribute it all to his gentle care and knowledge of his specialty. He takes time with each patient to customize their treatment plan, and stands behind his work with an integrity I have never experienced with a Doctor. I would highly recommend his care to anyone who suffers from back or joint pain!”


Victoria Evans 

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