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Chiropractic (Chiro=hand; Practic=practitioner) is a system of care whereby the doctor of chiropractic employs a number of methods to evaluate the joints of the spine. When the spinal joints get stuck (fixated), localized pain in the area can result. Further, a reflex exists whereby the fixated joint will cause the surrounding musculature to tighten and also become irritated.


Through the use of five different adjustment methods, the normal joint motion can be restored. The result is a reduction in pain and a return to normal functioning of the spine. At Grunstein Family Chiropractic Center, great care is taken through the 30 minute visit to evaluate each joint of the spine every visit in order to determine which areas need specialized attention. We offer very gentle adjustment methods which result in a pleasant and effective treatment experience.


Each patient receives 3 Forms of Physical Therapy every visit, including Electro-therapy, Heat, and Intersegmental Traction, which feels like being on a massage table. These techniques combined with the specific forms of adjusting often result in prompt relief from back pain, neck pain, and headaches.



“I highly recommend Dr. Grunstein at Clearwater Chiropractic Center to my patients who suffer with headaches, low back pain, and neck pain. He serves as a major asset to the alternative medical community in Pinellas County. My patients report that they really appreciate that he takes the time to explain exactly what it is he’s trying to accomplish with their care and is very careful not to over-treat them.”


Karen Juarez, DO


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