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Q: I hear once you start going to a chiropractor, you have to keep going. Is this true?

A: In the vast majority of patients treated by Dr. Grunstein, significant improvement is felt within the first few treatments, with corrective care typically concluding within 4-6 treatments.  Generally, after this initial treatment period, Dr. Grunstein will often offer a sensible maintenance program which is designed to keep patients in good condition and avoid having to repeat the corrective care treatment process in the future. 

Q: Is this going to hurt? Really? Are you sure?


A: For 95% of patients, there is no pain during the adjustment, and a little soreness the next day, like you worked out a little too much. About 5% of patients may feel a tiny sharp pain during the treatment that lasts for about 1 second, and then disappears.


Q: Is this really safe?


A: Chiropractic is extremely safe. There is quite a bit of documentation that has evaluated the safety of chiropractic manipulation. Consistently, these studies have shown that the back pain care that chiropractors offer is incredibly safe.

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