Q: I hear once you start going to a chiropractor, you have to keep going. Is this true?


A: While about six treatments are typically needed to address the actual causes of most mechanical back pain, we are proud of the fact that our very specific methods minimize the amount of treatment needed. Just like maintenance with one’s dentist, we recommend semi-regular visits in order to maintain a healthy spine and make sure the discomfort initially felt is avoided in the future.


Q: Is this going to hurt? Really? Are you sure?


A: For 95% of patients, there is no pain during the adjustment, and a little soreness the next day, like you worked out a little too much. About 5% of patients may feel a tiny sharp pain during the treatment that lasts for about 1 second, and then disappears.


Q: Is this really safe?


A: Chiropractic is extremely safe. There is quite a bit of documentation that has evaluated the safety of chiropractic manipulation. Consistently, these studies have shown that the back pain care that chiropractors offer is incredibly safe.