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Grunstein Family Chiropractic Center

Welcome to Grunstein Family Chiropractic Center!

Dr. Jarrett Grunstein, an internationally published researcher and inventor,  specializes in treating those suffering with Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Headaches with 20 years of experience.  He has developed a detail-oriented technique which alleviates back and neck pain or tightness with LESS VISITS.   He has helped thousands of patients, including dozens of professional baseball players during 4 seasons as consulting chiropractor for a team in Major League Baseball.  His customized approach is Gentle and Effective and he is highly committed to helping patients feel better in the fewest number of treatments possible, spending 30 minutes with each patient to ensure the highest quality of care.

Each Treatment Includes:

*Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation combined with Heating Pads

*Comprehensive Analysis and Adjustment of each Spinal and  Pelvic Joint

*Low-Back Decompression Therapy

*Intersegmental Traction of the Entire Spine and Pelvis

For a COMPLIMENTARY Initial consultation, simply Call or Text (973) 640-0760 

High Quality CARE.

Grunstein Family Chiropractic Center owner and founder, Dr. Jarrett Grunstein, took great pains to develop a chiropractic practice that would allow for patients to get high quality care at the greatest value. He offers patients 30 minute visits, allowing for personalized, detail-oriented care, resulting in vast improvements in the patient’s back or neck condition with fewer treatments.

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We Listen to Our


It’s time that health care practitioners take the time to LISTEN to their patients again, rather then rushing them through the office with efficiency as their top priority. With this unique model of care, Dr. Jarrett Grunstein is committed to making sure each patient’s questions and concerns are addressed thoroughly. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact us.


Dr. Jarrett Grunstein

Chiropractic Physician

Former Consulting Chiropractor

of the Toronto Blue Jays

“It is without reservation that I send relevant patients to Dr. Grunstein for chiropractic evaluation and treatment. He has exceeded my expectations and has reliably provided a high level of service and care to each of my patient referrals, which have included geriatric patients, adolescents, and professional athletes.”


Michael O'Neal, D.O.





Former Primary Care Team Physician

Toronto Blue Jays

Major League Baseball Club



What Our Clients Are Saying

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